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Trainer Molly Drennan reviews “Super Soft” girth

Molly is dressage trainer at Lost Island farm in Falls Village, CT.  She works with horses of
various types and levels.  Viva is a rescued grade pony that is speculated could be possible Mustang. She came from auction unbroken.    Molly began training her in dressage- which wasn’t easy from the age and condition Viva was in. With rescued horses and ponies, the history of an animal’s previous experiences are a total mystery!  It is always a question as to why the horse is reacting a certain way- could there have been abuse?  is a reaction the difficulty that resulted in her being sent to auction?  is there a physical problem or is this mental?  These are all constant questions!  With time, patience, and many adjustments, Molly was able to overcome these things with Viva.  This formed a great trusting bond and partnership.

One of the challenges Molly faced was fitting her equipment.  Molly wanted to focus on saddle and girth fit.  It is hard to keep the saddle in the correct position and it seemed to not be balanced correctly.  Viva also hates the tightening of the girth.  The pressure is too intense and localized.  Molly saw the Eponia Super Soft girth and thought she would give it a try.

“Viva loves this Eponia “Super Soft” girth.  She is a sensitive pony.  The pressure distribution over the sternum allow her to tolerate tightening with out flinching.  I like the thickness and softness of the girth which cushions her but also keeps the pressure of the billets, preventing any rubbing or pinching.  It allowed freedom of  movement.   It’s simple yet effective design makes it an elegant addition to Viva’s wardrobe.”

Viva is ready for her first rated dressage competition in 2016 in First Level!! Good Luck to both of them!!


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  1. Katy Culpepper says:

    When will 60 centimeter 24” girth be back in stock? For the super soft Monoflap girth in black

    1. Silene White says:


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