Mono Saddle Stud Jumping Girth



Mono Saddle Stud Jumping Girth


Special design super soft mono stud girth!


This is the jumping girth made for comfort of your horse  Special designed for protection and freedom of movement for your horse.  This has our triple elastic and high quality roller buckles.  In black or Havana Brown

The fit of the girth and the positioning of the girth straps influence the fit of the saddle. Incorrect positioning can pull the saddle forward or backwards.


The girth should be the correct length and long enough to avoid interference with the elbow region which can lead to soreness.

Girths that are tightened too much or are too short much can also cause soreness and bruising in the sensitive elbow, and sternum area, which is often shown by negative reactions when girthing or by unwillingness to move forward during work.

Pressure dispersal over the sternum rather than the pectoral muscles promotes better movement in front.

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