Eponia Special Burgundy Wine Hazelnut Bridle

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Eponia Special Burgundy Wine Hazelnut Bridle

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Made Special for the Holiday is this Burgundy Wine Hazelnut Bridle.
It is a stunning Burgundy and Gold Swarovski crystal browband with our Brown Anatomical Vegetable dyed leather bridle.
It will come with 2 browbands- Crystal and a plain.
It will come with 2 nosebands- a stunning Patent Hazelnut that is very unique and will also come with a Plain noseband so you can keep your patent for special occasions.
The bridle itself is our traditional style of padded anatomical monocrown, cheeks with buckle ends at the bit, and our noseband that can be worn in 3 styles- over/under/or completely removed with no nub.
As with all our bridles this comes with reins.

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