Bitless bridle


Bitless bridle

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Eponia Sidepull bitless bridle

This sidepull bridle is THE bridle for young horse training!  This allows you to teach the horse bending and turning without pulling on the mouth!
It is also a great bridle for horse to give them a nice change from training on the mouth and let you learn to use your seat, body and leg to control the horse.  Great for riders that like to balance with their hands. Also nice for the horses out on hacks to allow grazing.
This is a high quality leather bridle and is a 2 strap. You may change your own 3 strap crown-piece from you regular Eponia bridle ( sold separately)  IF you need to begin training with both side pull and bit.

These are plain with no fancy stitching.

Available in Black and Havana Brown!

Xfull, Full and Cob


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1 review for Bitless bridle

  1. k_j_thomas (verified owner)

    Really well designed side pull. Very stable and well padded for riding with contact. The ability to switch the side pull for the flash noseband later is an awesome add!

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