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Deco Jumper soft boot


Deco Jumper soft boot




This Deco boot model on standard leather start at $ 600.



Design your own M-T-M tall boot! If you instead want o add some cool arch design options to the models we offer, click on the link below

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Deco Jumper

Our  leather is carefully selected for softness, thickness, quality and color of the leather. Our boots are handmade, which provides an exclusive and durable product. We use Vibram soles.   These are the industry standard in lugged boot soles and is used by over a thousand footwear manufacturers around the globe. From initial beginnings in the mountaineering field, Vibram soles can now be found on footwear used in heavy industry, the military, law enforcement, and in general outdoor and fashion styles. All soles are hand stitched

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Base Colors for soft Deco jumper are hammered green or blue, soft black and soft brown, regular brown, and regular black and brandy.  The green and blue are a little bit harder leather and has a “hammered” look.

Deco jumping boot is made is the softest leather ( softness and super soft can vary depending on color and texture) Our base colors include brown, black, textured  blue and textured green It has our “deco” trim punched hole design.  7 colors may be added to the underneath of the deco trim. These colors include bronze, silver, gold, green, blue, red, and purple.  Arch trim in varioius colors ( see charts) may be added The zipper is up the back and comes standard with zipper cover snap closures and spur rests.

Please see measurement guide on the left menu in order to learn on how to measure your shin and foot size

Our standard leather

Green texured

Blue textured








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Measurement guide

Use the guide below to find your personal measurements. Enter the measurements in inches in the form above. Please note that you have to take measeruments of both your feet!


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