Eponia Mono Crown Double Bridle Black -Outlaw or Frost


Eponia Mono Crown Double Bridle Black -Outlaw or Frost


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This is the Eponia Double Bridle in black.  It is available in Xfull, Full, or Cob size.  This is a Mono crown Bridle that means the crown is all one piece, contained in the crown-you attach the noseband, throat lash, and 4 Cheeks.  The crowns are well padded.

The noseband options are plain or or black patent or black patent with white padding

Brow Band options include,  Outlaw browband which is jet black swarovski and hematite crystals, or our frost browband which is a variation or different blues.

This is a black bridle with silver buckles.  The cheek pieces are hidden hook style, .  This is all in our signature vegetable dyed leather and come with reins.

The noseband is wide and padded and comes in plain or patent.

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Frost, Nobel, Outlaw


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