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Does a representative need to sell for a minimum amount per season?


The sales period matches our seasonal catalogues.

  1. Fall/ Winter (catalogue launches March/April order closes in end June)
  2. Spring/Summer (catalogue launches December/January – order closes in end March)

This means you will have a 12 week period to arrange, book and execute events. It is through the matching of our production cycles and pre order that we can keep quality products at very attractive prices. Its logical  and straight forward – if we know how much we need to produce we dont need to take out as much on each product to cover for possible loss.

How much income can I expect as a BB representative?

Our recommendation is that a BB rep should at least come to a sale of at least $800 for it to be Worth while the time you anyways need to put in. This is not Tupperware our products are different and the target Group is a special interest Group. A tip is to visit local shows to build your network and to find hostesses our experiences is that some reps that visit shows can sell for $800 during one single show event.

As soon as we have released the seasonal catalogues you can start with your events! We will give you a deadline and your customer will get a delivery date from us. The products will be sent directly to your clients, so no need to administrate that.

Does the BB hostess get a discount?

The hostess gets a discount up to 20% depending on how many guests that are invited

Does the BB representative get discount?

A BB rep get 30% discount 

How do i register sales?

A part from the payment we will give you access to a webform where you can fill in all your orders, that will be saved with us.

How do clients make payment?

Currently we can only offer payment though paypal. We offer free shipping and the products are delivered directly to the customer.

How do I get access to the Eponia equestrian Sport catalogue and prices?

Once you have been approved as representative you will be able to download all the information you need.

Our goal is that this should be fun and creative – you set your own ambition!