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Fallon Blackburn

Fallon Blackburn is an FEI dressage rider married to her best friend, who also happens to be a US Marine and they just began a new adventure in Okinawa, Japan…


“As some of you already know, Nate and I recently received news that we will be moving to Japan for a while. The timing of this news was quite a surprise, but being in the military, we knew that some day we would have to go somewhere. I cannot even describe how much I am going to miss my amazing Blackburn Dressage group while I’m away, but we will be back together soon! This mornings sermon was about God putting you exactly where you need to be for a reason, so I know it’s all good. ”

Fallon loves working with all horses and it shows. She has had much success in working with a wide variety of breeds, backrounds and disciplines. In addition to success in the dressage arena, Fallon has proven results over fences as well. Her system has been influenced by many of the best riders in the world, including Ingrid Klimke, Heike Kemmer, Mariette Withages, Conrad Schumacher, Jan Bemelmans, Edward Gal and Anky van Grunsven. Her goal is to bring confidence to every rider and happiness to every horse she works with


While Fallon is an upper level dressage rider on an island – Okinawa Japan -without  a horse, what do you do??? I think we can all relate in someway when we have to pause our riding do to sickness or injury college or job -but this has an interesting twist.  What if all of a sudden you were dropped in a foreign country? Not only that- an island!   Fallon is a blogger and takes us on a remarkable journey! From what do you eat– like snoopy doughnuts-  to finding ways to quench your thirst for riding by finding horses! Whether it be the Riding school or horses in Art, Fallon will find it as Eponia joins her in this adventure!!

Fallon is not just on Okinawa, but will be traveling back to the states to give dressage clinic’s as well as traveling to the Netherlands and other places for improving her own riding and staying sharp!

Eponia USA is so happy and excited with this new unique adventure with Fallon!!